About TVC22

TVC22 is an independent not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 as a community TV station whose main mandate is to produce TV shows.

TVC22 involves the public at different levels, providing coverage of local current events in Clarence-Rockland and the surrounding area, while involving the public in the creation of new shows and new production methods..

The mission of TVC22 is to highlight the Clarence-Rockland and surrounding community through the production and dissemination of TV projects that speak to the concerns of the local population while encouraging community involvement in the different stages of production.

Why community television?



of people feel closer to their community


of people listen to the community television 1 to 4 times per week

TVC22's impact on our community


10 000 / per month

views on our social medias

5 000 / per month

televisions views

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EOHU/BSEO Covid-19 Conference

Description to follow//Description à suivre.

Impact 9/25 Finale - Table ronde sur l'immigration, la jeunesse et le vieillissement

Impact 9/25 – Grande finale « Impact 9/25 » est une émission locale, produite par TVC22, axée sur la francophonie qui, au cours …

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Sponsorship Plans

Sponsorship Plans

TVC22 is proud to offer you several options for promoting your business or organization. If you have any questions, please contact your representative directly.

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“TVC22 is a remarkable corporate citizen, and has been from the days when it was run by its founder Robert Pilon, to now, as the going concern into which it has grown under the capable guidance of its first board of directors chaired by Anne Lizotte and its new executive director, Stéphanie Simard. At so many levels, it’s been a perfect antidote for the disheartening news we get through “big media”. It would be fair to compare TVC22 to a dynamo that runs on the pulse of the community and records its heartbeat.” -Katalin Poor

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