Director of Communication and Production

TVC22 is pleased to welcome its new Director of Communication and Production, Isabela Daszkiewcz.

Annual General Meeting

October 11th 2022

Thursday, December 8, 2022. Check back in this web page or on the online bulletin board for the time and location details

Important change to the Bingo program

Dear Bingo players,

Following a significant decline in the number of players, the economic impact forces us to make changes to the Bingo program. So, starting Sunday, November 6, 2022, we will attempt a trial period of only one Bingo per month (offered the first Monday of the month) but with the opportunity to win more prizes

Message from the new Executive Director

October 11th 2022
Dear listeners,
First of all, it is with great pleasure that I address you as the new General Manager of TVC22. Obviously, the pandemic, the departures of key members of the team, including Stéphanie Simard, Nicole Charbonneau and all the others, have together had a great impact on the organization. So to all of them, I sincerely thank them on behalf of the administrative committee and the members of TVC22.
Now, with your support, that of Videotron, CACTUS, other sponsors, we will make new discoveries; developers of new projects and programs; then, we will innovate to deliver a quality product that meets your needs and expectations, while aiming to ensure the organization’s mission in a responsible manner. That said, I invite you to share your ideas and comments by writing to [email protected].
Finally, since TVC22 is a non-profit organization, having like many other needs a boost to recover from the pandemic, I also invite you to contact us to help, either by offering volunteer time, service in kind, or sponsorships.

Boat launches open in Clarence-Rockland in time for May-long weekend

The City of Clarence-Rockland confirmed today that municipal boat launches will open on Saturday 22nd May following the latest provincial announcement.


Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, Medical Officer for the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, gave the region the green light on Thursday afternoon after Premier Ford stated that “people are going to be able to launch their boats” during his announcement earlier that day.

Speaking during the EOHU press conference Dr. Roumeliotis said, “this is a question that we’ve had. The fact that boat and watercraft launches are now included, means that they were closed before.“Anyway, it’s clear that as of this weekend boat and watercraft launches will be open.”

In a press release on Friday afternoon the City of Clarence-Rockland confirmed that some outdoor park amenities would reopen, including boat launches, skateparks and splash pads.

The interpretation of “Marinas” had caused controversy over the past couple of weeks as it was not clear if boat launches were allowed to open, with one Ministry spokesperson saying they could be.

“I’ve asked the ministry four times whether boat launches are going to open and we have not got a response,” said Dr. Roumelitotis when TVC22 asked for clarification on Monday 17th May.

“That’s why in the interim we said we will treat them as marinas, and I’m still trying to get a response and interpretation by the ministry.”

Later on Monday night the same question was asked during Clarence-Rockland’s municipal council meeting, as councilors asked for more consistency when it comes to the rules.

“It’s a ‘stay-at-home’ but if you want to protest it’s ok. It’s a ‘stay-at-home’ but if you want to do this it’s ok. But if you want to have a chat with your neighbour on your front lawn or sit in a chair then a bylaw is called,” expressed Councilor Mario Zanth.

“I understand what we’re going through, I’m fully on board but we have to understand that people are frustrated with the lack of consistency between municipalities.”

During the meeting it was mentioned that the boat launch in Wendover was open but TVC22 spoke to Mr. Ken St-Denis, the Director of Parks and Recreation for the Townships of Alfred-Plantagenet, who confirmed they were following the EOHU’s recommendations.

“Our boat launches and Lefaivre Marina are closed in relation with the Stay-at-home order from the province, we have signage in place,” he stated

“We do not obstruct the launches in case of emergency for our fire department. People have the responsibility to follow the province’s rules and are not supposed to go out on the river because it does not represent an essential displacement.”

Change in restrictions causes confusion

During Thursday’s press conference Premier Doug Ford informed the public that golf courses, tennis courts and other such activities are now permitted with groups of 5 people (from different households) now allowed to gather too.

These changes have caused some confusion as the “stay-at-home” order hasn’t been lifted and TVC22 asked Dr. Roumeliotis to clarify the rules in place as of Saturday morning.

“That’s what the dilemma was when they were contemplating on opening up outdoor amenities,” EOHU’s Medical Officer explained.

“It’s a stay at home order, unless you need to go out for food, exercise, and those types of things. And I think they had no choice but to add the 5 [person] gatherings because sometimes you can’t avoid it in those settings.

“The bottom line is go outdoors, go local, but stay inside if you can.”

Further restrictions will be eased when “Step 1” of the Provincial Government’s reopening plan is introduced on the 14th of June.


Thomas Stockting


Eligible School children to be Double Vaccinated by end of Summer

Children aged between twelve and seventeen years old are set to have received both doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 before they return for the next school year according to the Chief Medical Officer of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

Speaking on Thursday Dr. Paul Roumeliotis explained that a plan has been put in place to vaccinate children between the ages of 12 and 17 with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, though no date for their eligibility has been announced just yet.

“This will be done some time in June, likely the second to third week,” said Dr. Roumeliotis.

“We are still working with the Schools Boards [and] the Ministry to finalize those details.

“[The vaccinations] will be done at the mass immunization clinics where we will be setting up special family clinics for those age groups, and their families if their parents or caretakers have not already been vaccinated.”

This news was announced as those aged 40 and older as well as the Second Group of residents who Cannot Work From Home can now book their vaccine appointments throughout Ontario and Dr. Roumeliotis believes that 60-65% of the eligible population in the EOHU will be vaccinated by the start of June.

Another change in recommendations for AstraZeneca

Following another U-turn for the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca residents who have already received their first dose are left wondering what will happen next.

Dr. Roumeliotis explained that although the EOHU has run out of it’s AstraZeneca vaccine supply there are two options being discussed.

“One would be that the second dose would be Pfizer of Moderna, an MRNA vaccine,” explained the Chief Medical Officer.

“And the other one would be that the second dose of AstraZeneca, because based on what we’re seeing is that virtually most of the cases that occurred with the clotting were after the first dose, one in a million after the second dose in England.

“But again that is being looked at by Health Canada and NACI and we should be getting some recommendations.”

With the increased vaccine supply coming into the country over the coming months the interval between doses is set to decrease and much like with first doses will start with the older more vulnerable residents.

“Once we have an idea of how many first doses, we will then be able to plan for second doses and if it happens to be earlier than the 4 months, and I think it will, we will let people know.

“I am anxious to get it done and the sooner the better,” he said.