TVC22 Bingo is a weekly fundraiser which allows us to support our TV shows’ programming. This fundraising effort follows regulations established by the CAJO. To play our Bingo, you need Videotron’s Channel 9 and the cards sold by the certified sellers. You can play Bingo in the comfort of your own home!



The Bingo is aired live Sundays at 7:15 p.m., and there’s a minimum of $1,175 in prizes every week. 

To play TVC22’s Bingo, you absolutely have to buy your cards at an authorized vendor

No cards are sold at the station.
Cards can be purchased starting on Monday before each TVC22 Bingo until Sunday night right before the game.

Our cards are identified with our logo and a number at the centre.

Cards must be dated the day of the TVC22-Bingo game, and are of a specific color.

Cards are valid for every round in the given evening, so it is best not to use a marker for the first four rounds.

If the game runs into technical difficulties (power outage, cable malfunction), the cards will be valid for the following week’s Bingo game.

If you are the only one with a difficulty you cannot keep the card for the next bingo – they are not considered valid.  

   During the game :

A caller will call the balls.  Any uncalled balls aren’t valid.

A player who gets a Bingo must immediately phone 613.446.6037

 You only have 10 minutes to claim your prize, so if the line is busy, keep trying until you get through.

If there is more than one winner, the prize is divided equally among them.

If there is a minor problem during the Bingo, the supervisor will decide of the most fair procedure for all players. 



Every week, the minimum jackpot is $1175 in 49 numbers. This last number increases by $50 every week it is not claimed. If the jackpot is won, it will go back to $1175 in 49 numbers. 

The prizes total a minimum amount of $1175 every week.

The bingo is televised live every Sunday at 7:15pm

If you wish to play the TVC22 bingo, you must buy your cards at one of the certified sellers.

4 card sheet: $6

The cards are available at our certified sellers only, starting on the Monday before the bingo.


If a player has a bingo, they must immediately call 613-446-6037.

If the line is occupied, they must call again until someone answers.

The next turn will start as soon as the animator says so.

If you would like to offer gift certificates as a prize, call the station at 613-446-6037 and talk with Stephanie.

The winners can get their prize the Monday after the Bingo, starting at 1. P.M. Please note that none of the prizes will be available before this time.

You have up to one month to claim your prize. It is necessary to contact the station before claiming your prize outside of Monday between 1.P.M. and 4.P.M. Call 613-446-6037 to confirm that someone will be there.


Game #3 is exclusive to members of TVC22. The weekly prize is $200. 

If you would like to become a member click here.


TVC22 has a strict policy against verbal violence. Please note that all individuals that host the bingo are volunteering. We ask that you use a respectful and polite language. Thank you!