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Our mission and values

what is tvc22?

TVC22 is an independent not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 as a community TV station whose main mandate is to produce TV shows.

TVC22 involves the public at different levels, providing coverage of local current events in Clarence-Rockland and the surrounding area, and involving the public in the creation of new shows and new production methods.

This accessible and diverse communication network is an essential communication tool for local events and organisation’s viability. In addition to co-organizing and supporting multiple events and activities, TVC22 is an important producer of key positions in visual art, technology and media domains.     

our mission

The mission of TVC22 is to highlight the Clarence-Rockland and surrounding community through the production and dissemination of TV projects that speak to the concerns of the local population while encouraging community involvement in the different stages of production.

our values

TVC22 embodies social and professional values.

It is:

  • inspired by peoples’ ideas;
  • professional and brings added value;
  • mindful of clients’ and viewers’ interests;
  • proactive in responding to clients’ and viewers’ needs;
  • innovative in its approaches;
  • captivating and interesting;
  • socially responsible; and
  • rigorous and promotes continuous quality improvement.
"TVC22 has given me the opportunity to learn in broadcasting. I was glad to be a part of such a dynamic team who has made me grown so much in the field!"
Joey Schlapsi
"We can count on TVC22 to cover all of Rockland's local events. Congrats! TVC22 is an essential communication tool..."
Francine Charlesbois
"I'm impressed by the diversity of shows and the quality presented by TVC22''
Stephanie Jonah
"Today I was volunteering with Stephanie and Jöel. Wow! What an experience! Thank you.''
Francine Charlesbois

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