We are proud to present to you our board of directors composed of residents of Clarence-Rockland that wish to make a difference in our region. They are people with different motives with skills that can advance TVC22’s cause. We are therefore proud to present our members of the C.A.. If this interests you, you can always submit your candidature. Call TVC22 at 613-446-6037 for more information or send us your intention at 



Stéphanie Simard

Stéphanie has more than 10 years of experience in administration & business and 3 years of experience in media & on the board of directors. She has multiple formations, 2 degrees and a lot of energy. She has critical thinking and a kind personality.

  • Director

Mélinda Raymond

Mélinda is the president of the board of directors. Owner of Paralegal Rockland, she is an energetic, intelligent woman with a deep knowledge in law.

  • President

Poste à comblé

We have a free spot to fill. If you are interested, please submit your candidature to

  • Vice-President

Angela Deschamps

We are happy to present our secretary and treasurer. Angela is the owner of Fusion IT. She has an accute sens of organisation, a very business-like mind and has a deep knowledge of today's technology.

  • Secratary / Treasurer

Sébastien Genest

Our programmation director is Sébastien Genest. Owner of Chez l'Boulanger, Sébastien knows the ins and outs of social media. Our director is very energetic, active and is an innovator in the solutions that he brings to the board.

  • Programmation director

Pierre Gauthier

Meet one of our administrators, Pierre Gauthier. Director at HP Canada, Pierre is a talented negotiator. He enjoys challenges and is very passionate in his projects. He is notably the instigator of the Joel Gauthier Skate Park. We are proud to have such a grand member of the community here at the Board of Directors.

  • Administrator
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Sylvie Houle

Another administrator is a woman savvy of everything that is media. Sylvie Houle used to be a media teacher at l'Escale and is now a Liaison and Formation Officer at TFO. She is a graduate of the televisual production course at la Cité Collégiale and a very creative member of the Board of Directors.

  • Administrator

Jaqueline Thibodeau

Another administrator is a woman known in arts. President of the new Chamber of Commerce of Clarence-Rockland, author and life coach, Jaqueline brings a lot to the board.

  • Administrator
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Fannie Lauzier

Fannie is a business woman known in the community. She has a lot of charisma, original ideas and contacts with multiple organisations in the region. She is strong and challenges are her game, we are proud to have her in the board.

  • Administrator